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Lorick's Short Course on Rune Lore
Fehu (F) - "Possessions"
Uruz (U) - "Strength"
Thurisaz (TH) - "
Ansuz (A) - "Signals"
Raido (R) - "Journey"
Kenaz (K) - "Opening"
Gebo (G) - "Partnership"
Wunjo (W) - "
Hagalaz (H) - "Disruption"
Nauthiz (N) - "
Isa (I) - "Standstill"
Jera (J) - "Harvest"
Eihwaz (EI) - "
Perth (P) - "
Algiz (Z) - "Protection"
Sowelu (S) - "Wholeness"
Teiwaz (T) - "Warrior"
Berkana (B) - "
Ehwaz (E) - "
Mannaz (M) - "Self"
Laguz (L) - "Flow"
Inguz (NG) - "Fertility"
Dagaz (D) - "Breakthrough"
Othila (O) - "
"Odin" (The Blank Rune) - "The Unknowable"
This rune is somewhat controversial, in that some say it is not an authentic part of original rune lore.  Popularized by Ralph Blum in his Book of Runes, the blank rune means exactly what it's description indicates:  a non-answer, an unasked question.  The blank rune represents that which cannot be known at the moment.



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