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 The Rune Lore Bookstore


   This is the author who started it all for me; my interest and knowledge of runic lore has expanded since then, but Blum's clear, poetic interpretation--and his canny parallels to the I Ching--remain with me to this day.  Novice runecasters should definitely own a copy of The Book of Runes, and take advantage of the complete set of runestones that come with it.  I still use my runestones that i bought with Blum's book, back in 1984.  For this reason, I consider the 10th anniversary edition a misnomer; I had Blum's book in my hands over 15 years ago.
The Book of Runes : A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle : The Viking Runes/Book and Rune Stones/10th Anniversary Edition
A revised, tenth anniversary edition of the self-help, oracular classic based on two thousand years of tradition comes complete with twenty-five ceramic Rune stones in a deluxe bag. 60,000 first printing. 
The Rune Cards : Ancient Wisdom for the New Millennium  The Rune Cards consists of an elegant new package including 25 richly evocative cards, carrying pouch, and a beautifully illustrated book filled with helpful new techniques for using the cards, along with the necessary interpretations for reading them.

The Healing Runes : Tools for the Recovery of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul
Blum and Loughan have set out to fill a gigantic void in the healing field, and they have created healing interpretations for all the Runes. By using the classic Rune symbols and following the age-old Rune reading methods, they created a tool with 25 aspects for the emotional, psychological, and physical healing of people in times of crisis.
   In another homage to Blum, I recommend this book to those who have suffered, and look to the oracular wisdom of the runes to guide their spiritual recovery.  I myself have used knowledge revealed in this book to aid others in crisis, and to soothe the passage of hardships in my own life.  For the open minded person who is low in spirit, a book such as this can be a great aid.



   This author is a world-renowned runelore sage.  No caster of the runes should be without his sharp-witted analysis of both the writing system itself and its oracular significance.  Thorsson truly earns his name in his contribution to the body of occult runic knowledge.
Futhark, a Handbook of Rune Magic
Runecaster's Handbook :
The Well of Wyrd
Runelore : A Handbook of
Esoteric Runology
Northern Magic : Rune Mysteries & 
Shamanism (Llewellyn's World Magic Series)


  Freya Aswynn brings the runes to life, and adds a feminine spiritual component that is relevant to all runecasters--not only women.  Because the runes derive from societies that had a strong matriarchal element, even men who read the runes will need to understand the female powers that influence the meanings, interpretations, and truths that runes can reveal. Consider Aswynn your gateway to a more holistic runic knowledge.
Northern Mysteries & Magick : Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers
NORTHERN MYSTERIES & MAGICK is the revised edition of the classic LEAVES OF YGGDRASIL, with an updated and expanded section on the feminine Mysteries. Freya Aswynn is one of England's foremost authorities on the runes and their history. Includes CD.
Principles of Runes 
This practical introduction to the runic mysteries explores the ancient meanings and modern relevance of each rune, how to consult the runes for yourself and others and how to use them for magic, healing and personal empowerment. 
Songs of Yggdrasil : Shamanic Chants
from the Northern Mysteries



   What can I say?  Nigel Pennick is an authority.  He draws from both oral and written history in his scholarly treatises on runes and the oracular wisdom that has arisen from their use in divination.  Only someone of Pennick's wit and singleminded devotion to truth could have produced commentaries and analyses so useful, clear, and relevant.  Read the reviews on, and you will see that I am not alone in my judgment.  Pennick's non-runic works also create a context in which we runecasters can understand the environment in which our oracle was formed.  He reveals the crucible that forged the truth-speaking symbols of the runestones.
Secrets of the Runes : Discover the the Magic of the Ancient Runic Alphabet
The runes are an ancient Western alphabet inbedded in stone, imbued with strong magical content. This is a complete introduction to the history and practice of rune use, from Viking times to the present day. Discover how to use rune stones, amulets and talismans. Discover methods and materials needed for rune magic, how to construct runic signs, and how to perform ceremonies for runic empowerment.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes
Celtic Sacred Landscapes
From the original Celtic site of the castle at Tintagel, passing through the sacred forest of Broceliande in Brittany, and on to the monastery of Scelig Mhichil off the coast of Ireland, Nigel Pennick takes us on an exhilarating spiritual and historical tour of the Celtic holy places of Europe. He delves into the mystery and lore behind the power of sacred trees and stones, springs and wells as places of healing, holy mountains as centers of geomythic energies, sacred caves, holy islands, sanctified earthworks and cities, paths and trackways, places for demons and supernatural beings, the visible instances of the divine in hidden temples, and the holy places of the Celtic saints. Through these themes, supported by a wide-ranging gazetteer of sites, he reveals the continuing importance of the Celtic tradition to us today.
The Sacred World of the Celts : An Illustrated Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Mythology


The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes
  This tome is a fine reference to have at hand, and an excellent book to lend to novices who wish to learn more of the runes.  Be warned!  Keep close track of it, or your novices may try to add it to their libraries!

A Practical Guide to the Runes : 
Their Uses in Divination and Magick
Lisa Pechel's book will add knowledge to any runecaster's library, and should be considered a necessary addition to a complete set of books on runic lore.



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