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Registering Runecaster 1.0 Why should you register?

   I'm glad you asked!  Registering your copy of Runecaster is the best way to ensure that I continue to work on a better and better product.  It doesn't cost you very much, but the motivation for me is much greater when I know that people appreciate the software enough to contribute to the effort.

   There are also some special benefits to registering....

What are the benefits of registering?

  In addition to the good kharma that comes with registration, here is what you get:

  • Upgrade to Runecaster Pro 1.0  The pro version of Runecaster includes extra options for manipulating the runes, and also has a built-in guidebook.  In the future, assuming people register, the pro version will be upgraded.

  • Free updates for life!  Every time Runcaster is upgraded, I will email you a password so you can download the latest full version for no extra cost.  Planned upgrades include a "Save" feature and a logbook function, as well as "instant casting" for certain standard patterns.

  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting a fun and useful tool for rune lovers worldwide.

How much does it cost?

  It only costs $5 to register Runecaster.  You can use Mastercard or Visa!  Convinced?  Register now!


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