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Online Runecaster
Requires Flash 5 Player
   The online version of Lorick's Runecaster software, otherwise known as Lorick's Runecasting Tent or "Online Runecast" now requires the Flash 5 Player from Macromedia.   Netscape users should dowload this upgrade now.  I offer further information for those who aren't sure about what to do.

Lorick's Runecaster 1.0 allows lets you cast runes online the same way you cast runes from a set of stones in a pouch.  For the accomplished runecaster, this is a fine way to consult the oracle when you are away from your own set of runes.  For the novice, this is one of the best ways to practice. In either case, it makes sense to download the personal edition of Runecaster 1.0 so you can carry a full set of runes with you on disk wherever you go, and practice runecasting for anyone who has a computer.

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Upgrade to Flash 5 Player

Apologies to those who don't have it, but the benefits are well worth the download time.  Flash 5 allows for certain programming flexibility that makes it possible to offer you complete runecasting abilities.  The old Flash 4 Player just isn't up to it.  So.  If you don't have the Flash 5 Player, do take the time to download it and install it as a plugin for Netscape or Internet Explorer (IE 5 comes with a compatible version; Netscape 4.x does not).  Netscape 4.x owners upgrade your player to Flash 5 here.

  This Player will make you happy, because you will be able to view all of the Flash animations on the net!  If you don't upgrade, you're missing out on some very cool stuff out there...



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